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Hello travelelers, I'm Dennis aka "The Mighty Drake" and here you will find a listing of my background projects, stuff I collection and any other blog I can think of.
My myspace profile is http://www.myspace.com/tenebrion


New Web site/Projects

http://www.drakescomputers.com - My business website
HANDYGPS V1.0 and now V2.0 modification (email for username and pass)

Old Sites/Projects:

My aura Reading on 3/03/07
Freeby Novatel Superstar II - Put to use.
BatteryMon - Monitoring Battery Condition for my 400ah Battery Pack.
http://www.demon.ath.cx:81 - My old MAIN web site, you can find even older project there.
http://psi.demon.ath.cx:81 - For a after school high school club in the high school years.
http://photo.demon.ath.cx:81 Another high school web site for my photography class.
http://www.demon.ath.cx:81/masterzz/index.html - Another old web site.
http://www.tmdrake.com - Link to my FA profile.

My PhotoGallery Server:

Check out stuff I collect, places I been to. Well you never know who you might meet. ::RAWR::

View my Photo/Picture Gallery server

Updated: July 4, 2014